Over our years in business, we have built close relationships with a large number of outstanding executives, both in Germany and abroad. Through our targeted research within each industry, this network is continuously expanding with each new project. Working in confidence as your partner, we act professionally with all clients and candidates, treating all parties as equals and successfully bringing them together at the highest levels.

Family businesses
and medium-sized enterprises

Family businesses represent the core of the German economy. Because of their ownership structure, they have different requirements than larger corporations and listed companies. External candidates need to fit in with company values, carefully bridging tradition and innovation. For medium-sized enterprises, we focus on their individual needs and keep the central position of the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial family in mind. This is how we find the right personalities to successfully and harmoniously lead a company into the future.

Financial Services

The industry is more growth-oriented than ever before, but it is facing a high cost of equity and weaker overall growth. Business strategies therefore need to be continually adapted to meet current circumstances. This calls for new technologies and professional management of risk.

From family offices to private equity firms, and from asset management to sovereign wealth funds, all financial services require strong, interdisciplinary teams to meet these challenges and leverage opportunities. Future-oriented executives, experienced risk managers with a deep understanding of compliance, and local & global networkers with sure instincts for policy – we will find the right team to bring about sustainable success for your business.

Media and Technology

Media and technology will continue to be key drivers for business in the future. Innovative products and competitive services will be deciding factors in the market of the future. This calls for visionaries who explore new avenues and leave rigid ways of thinking behind. The executives and managers of tomorrow will face complex challenges and require extensive skills; fortunately, searching for the right personalities to deliver your vision is something we are already well acquainted with.